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Flex Mami: The African-Australian Queen of Pop Culture

The vibrant young African-Australian known as Flex Mami is a 26-year-old DJ, TV presenter, influencer, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Talk about #BlackGirlMagic! The girl even has her own card game called Reflex. Flex has captivated the world with her strong personality and has gained the reputation of being one of the most charismatic Australians on the internet.

Childhood & Early Life

Flex was born, Lillian Ahenkan, to Ghanaian immigrant parents in Sydney, 1994. She was the third child, and her parents divorced when she was only three months old.

Flex Mami

Flex was raised surrounded by confident women who knew their worth. “I always attributed really dominant characteristics to women because that’s just what I knew,” Flex shares in an episode of her podcast.

Flex desired financial independence from a young age and got herself a job at Macca’s before she even turned 15. She revealed that in high school, she wanted to be a psychologist, but wasn’t interested in studying for a “lifetime”.

Flex Mami

Following her passion for fashion, Flex briefly studied a fashion business course but dropped out because “it didn’t seem like a functional degree”. Next, she went to a private college to study PR but quickly realized that she didn’t like structured learning environments, so she dropped out.

Career & Achievements

Flex entered the corporate world after getting herself an internship at a PR agency that looked after MTV. She was also working in a club part-time. Bored with the monotony of her daytime office job, she finessed her way into landing a gig as a DJ. “I thought to myself, you have access to DJs who will happily teach you, therefore you can be a DJ. It’s that simple,” Flex shared.

Flex Mami

We love a go-getter!

Flex then networked her way into a job opportunity with MTV and proved herself capable of being an MTV presenter. When asked about how she became an MTV presenter, Flex responded, “I asked for it!” She went on to explain:

“I knew I’d be great at chatting to the camera but had no experience. That to me wasn’t a deterrent though because I knew if I could just get someone to see me, I could deliver. I went in for a meeting with them (while working in PR full time) and basically sold the shit out of myself.”

Flex Mami

Gotta say, her confidence is astounding!

Flex has since collaborated with major brands in the fashion and beauty industry, including Fenty Beauty. She even DJed at a party celebrating one year of Fenty Beauty, hosted by Rihanna! The multi-talented millennial is also the host of multiple podcasts and a well-established business owner.

By now, you already know that Flex has an admirable resume stacked with outstanding achievements, but we haven’t noted just how socially conscious, or dare I say woke, she is. The social media sensation uses her platforms, notably Instagram, and podcasts to initiate conversations and encourage critical thinking among her followers. I’ve listened to her podcasts, and I must say, she is quite the philosopher!

Flex Mami

The beauty guru also promotes body positivity, often modelling for brands like ASOS. Flex states in the latest episode of her podcast, Whatever I Want, “A lot of my clothing shopping comes from ASOS, or I get it hand made in Ghana”.

The Ghanaian-Australian entrepreneur has made headlines by being unapologetically herself. She cultivates self-awareness through self-examination and reflection and is very expressive of her thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

If you’ve listened to any podcast that I’ve done on Bobo and Flex, you’ll hear me say, ‘I’m problematic’. That is something I’m quite comfortable with because I know that as the person I am, I’m working through my hypocrisy, I’m working through my contradictions, and I’m working through my cognitive dissonance.  

Flex Mami

Flex is everything the world needs, and more! It’s no surprise that she was announced the winner of the ‘Australian Social Star of 2020’ category for the globally recognised E! People’s Choice Awards.

To help you understand why she calls herself “your favourite slashie”, here’s a (non-comprehensive) list of her impressive achievements:

  • She founded a conversation card game, ReFlex – a self-development and critical-thinking game.
  • She created a very successful podcast, called Bobo and Flex.
  • She has another podcast called Whatever I Want.
  • She collaborated with Fremantle Media and Spotify to create a new Spotify Original podcast called Flex’s Semi-Factual History Lessons. Another one!
  • She launched her own furniture line with CircleHome.
  • She consulted Fluff Casual Cosmetics on making their first bronzers for dark skin.
  • She has launched an e-commerce store, Flex Factory.
  • She is the winner of E! Social Star of the Year 2020.
  • She has a following of over 120 000 on Instagram and has modelled for Nike, Sportsgirl and more.

Flex Mami

The Epitome of Black Girl Magic

The self-titled ‘multidisciplinary social enthusiast’ is the epitome of a carefree black girl living her best life. Flex has always been a girl with big ideas who valued herself enough to pursue the life she’s always dreamed of. Her entrepreneurial intuition and zeal for life have taken her places! She is intelligent, innovative, and daring. And we’re here for it! In fact, let’s all vow to adopt the can-do attitude that Flex lives by.

Flex Mami

If you need some motivation to pursue your dreams, here’s a word of advice from Flex:

Stop thinking that success is some other-worldly thing that’s not made for you. We are so privileged to be living in Australia, to have access to education, the internet. There will always be someone who is less educated than you, less intelligent, with less resources, killing it because they’re aware of what they have and how to use it. Know your value!  

Follow Australia’s pop culture icon and keep up with her ventures on her socials:

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