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Queensland Man Frees Head From The Jaws of a Crocodile

A 44-year-old Australian man is being described as “remarkably Lucky” after he fought off a crocodile, freeing his head from the jaws of the predator by pushings its jaws open. He escaped without any major injuries.

This happened while he was swimming at Lake Placid close to Cairns on Thursday. He maintained his calm and composure even when paramedics arrived at the incident scene to assist him. Paramedic Sweeny had this to say to reporters in Cairns:

“A crocodile had bitten his head, and in his effort to remove the jaws of the crocodile he put his hands in to try and prize the jaws apart, in the process of trying to remove his hands, the jaws snapped shut on his forefinger. He’s a remarkably lucky gentleman.”
“Just a few centimeters lower and we have major blood vessels … had one of those been punctured then it would have been a very different story,” Sweeney added.

The predator, the saltwater crocodile, was estimated by the unidentified victim to be around a meter and a half to two meters in length in line with CNN reports. (4.92 feet to 6.52 feet). Paramedic Sweeny further confirmed that the man who was attacked had been a constant visitor to that area for about eight years, diving into the waters at least three times a week.

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The victim was reported to have stable vitals and a calm composure, which was surprising following the traumatic event he has been through. The Queensland Environment Department has taken steps to find the crocodile, sending a search team to the site. Crocodiles in Australia are rare, but officials still scout the areas through public campaigns and send warning signals to the public when any danger is anticipated to avoid casualties.

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