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Best Valentine Gifts For The Woman You Love

Valentine is a time of love, fun, and giving. The centuries-old annual event is one of the modern world’s best-kept traditions.

Celebrated annually on the 14th of February with the color red, it is the year’s best time to love and be loved. However, for the men, it is a head-scratching time on the best gift to get for that special woman in their lives.

Think no further for we are here to guide you. Women are special and unique creatures and a gift can make or break your relationship with them. They are also ‘fashionalistic’ (yes, I invented the word), which means they love fashion.

So what are those fashion items you should consider getting for her? Here they are:

1. Get her a dress. It is hard to see a woman that dislikes dresses, even the tomboyish ones. Women love dresses. So get her one. It mustn’t necessarily be a red one.

You know her favorite color, her favorite type, her favorite brand. Do this and see her face light up with smiles as she unwraps that valentine’s gift box.

2. Get her a makeup kit. Women like to look their best no matter the occasion (even funerals). Regardless of age, a woman has some makeup appliances to enhance her beauty.

So when you get to the mall today, go to the makeup section and ask the salesperson for a makeup kit. They will gladly guide you on how to make the best choice. It might not cost much but to a woman, it shows that you care about how she looks at all times.

3. Get her a handbag. You might think, “Another one?”, Yes. Get her another one!. Like clothes, pieces of jewelry and underwear, a woman can never have enough of it. Think of a color that she hasn’t got yet and buy it for her this valentine. It means that you are a very observant man.

4. Get her a wristwatch, an elegant wristwatch. Women are very sensitive to small gifts such as a wristwatch. This is because it is very rare for a woman to lose her wristwatch even if she loses her phone or bag.

The wristwatch being on her wrist at all times is a reminder of how much her man appreciates her. So order for that Cartier right now!

5. Get her a pair of shoes. Like the handbags, a woman can never possess enough shoes. You are the man, and you know her favorite color or the color that will go with that elegant dress you got for her.

Perhaps if her mood is right and the shoe is a pump or stiletto, then a little striptease to cap the Valentine night might just be in order.

6. Get her a piece of jewelry. Jewelry compliments a woman’s beauty and elegance. Jewelry is as old as history itself, and they come in different shades, types, makes, and tastes.

No matter the size of your pocket, there is jewelry right for it. So this valentine, get your woman some pieces of jewelry. Something as romantic as teardrop-shaped red earrings. And last but not the least;

7. Get her a bottle of perfume. Perfume has always been the symbol of romance for ages. What fragrance would you want to perceive as she’s getting ready for a romantic dinner this valentine? Aquatic, spicy, fruity, floral, woody, gourmand or citrus? Then start shopping now.

Valentine is a few days away, and already, love is in the air. A fashionable little gift for the woman you love would make it more memorable.

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