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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Los Angeles Surgeon Saves The Day in ‘Gorilla Glue’ Catastrophe

The viral video on TikTok that made waves last week was that of a Louisiana woman, Tessica Brown, who used a Gorilla spray adhesive on her hair. She had made use of the product when she ran out of Got2be hair spray, but the results were devastating.

In the video which has already been viewed over 24 million times, she explained that she had been with the same hairstyle for a month; even after washing her hair fifteen times, she still could not get rid of the adhesive (Gorrila Glue) from her hair.

She checked into an emergency room in Chalmette, La. She was reportedly instructed to apply sterilized water and nail polish remover to soften the glue but that did not solve the problem.

Dr. Mickeal Obeng has reached out, offering his services free. The treatment required to get rid of the adhesive from Brown’s hair is approximately $12,500, but Dr. Obeng has decided to forfeit costs in this case.

He spoke about the procedure, saying a stimulation was done on a skeletal mannequin using the same gorilla glue. He and his tea waited for three hours and dissolved the glue after applying a special solution.

Reports on her progress are yet to be confirmed. She is expected to travel this Wednesday for the procedure and has reportedly raised over 17,000 in an online fundraiser to cover medical expenses.

Tessica Brown is also considering a lawsuit against Gorilla Glue because the label on the product says do not use on eyes, skin, or clothing… with no mention of hair.

Gorilla Glue released a statement earlier on Twitter sympathizing with Tessica Brown and reinforcing what their product can and can not be used for.

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