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New York Fashion Week Adjusts Due To Covid Realities

As the world battles the coronavirus, various aspect of the economy is being affected, and the fashion industry is not an exemption.

In line with CNN reports, Tom Ford, the Chairman of the Council Of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), announced earlier this year that the organization would cease to publish an official New York Fashion Week Schedule; instead, it will be an “American Collections Calendar”.

Many prominent designers such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Micheal Kors, and Calvin Klein will not be present for this year’s digital fashion week that started on Sunday.

Travel restrictions and bans have prevented the influx of designers and audiences from various parts of the globe.

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“Wherever or however American designers choose to show their collections, it is our job as the CFDA to honor our original mission statement and to help promote and support American fashion.

Therefore, we will publish on the schedule not only the schedule of designers showing in New York during New York Fashion Week but also those of American designers showing off calendar and abroad.”- Tom Ford, CFDA Chairman.

Ford is totally in support of putting on shows in different cities and countries, a diversion from the traditional New York centered event.

CEO of CFDA, Steven Kolb, also had something to say concerning this latest development “(Pre-pandemic) as the fashion industry became more global, we started to see some American fashion brands wanting to show outside of New York,” he said.

“It made sense to start thinking about it more broadly, and It made sense to embrace those brands that were not part of the New York Fashion Week dates for this particular season.

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Jason Wu is one of the few designers to give a physical runway show, presenting his collection on Sunday Night.

Designer Jason Wu and Models Kolb have made it clear that the digital fashion displays, Runway360, will still be relevant even after the pandemic restrictions had cleared, allowing for live attendance.


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