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Record Winter Weather Lockdown U.S. State of Texas

Record snowfall in the U.S southern state of Texas has left many homes without power and heat, leading to anger and frustrations. Airports, roads, grocery stores are now shut across cities in the state, and about 23 people have so far been reported dead.

With temperatures of about minus 22°C, Texas, a state not used to such conditions, is under enormous stress. The freezing conditions have led to surging demand for electricity to keep homes warm, but the weather has forced some power stations to shut down, leaving millions of people without electricity.

Speaking in a news conference on Thursday, Governor Greg Abbot came down hard on the state electricity company. He claimed that the company assured him of the readiness to handle the situations that might arise from the weather conditions but has so far failed because the power outages are persisting.

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Abbot promised to investigate what went wrong. “Texans deserve answers about why the shortfalls occurred and how they’re going to be corrected, and Texans will get those answers,” he said. As of the moment, thousands of Texans are still without electricity, and many have resorted to using their cars for emergency power, charging phones, and getting some form of heat.

The weather has also led to the postponement of many sporting activities scheduled for this weekend. The basketball match between the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets has been called off, and the NBA has said that the game will take place at a later date.

The NHL has also postponed Saturday’s match between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center in Dallas.
Apart from power outages, Texas residents are also grappling with shortages of water and food, with many queuing to receive both from donors and food banks.

Record Winter Weather Lockdowns U.S. State of Texas

Meanwhile, many U.S states are recording power outages as the snowstorms knock out power stations in Kentucky and Mississippi, with New York and New Jersey bracing for the impacts of the snowstorms and
freezing temperatures.

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